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Still Alive

Published 28 November 2012 by Vibul.


I know we’ve not pushed out a new release in a while.

We are still waiting on Scala 2.10 and Akka 2.10 to be released before we get started on Socko v0.3.

In the meantime, we’ve done the Martin Odersky Scala course at to improve our Scala skills.

I’ve also been working on Plebify to try out the new features of Akka 2.1. Planning to use the “to be written” REST features of Socko v0.3 in Plebify as well.

Here’s an interesting project using Socko: akka.js. Angular.js -> Websocket -> Socko -> Akka and back! Good stuff :-)

If you have any burning issues, let us know and we’ll try to put out an interim release.

Thanks Vibul

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