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REST handler and Scala Reflection

Published 05 March 2013 by Vibul.

Finally my day job is returning to a normal day job. Since November last year up until last week, it has been a day/night/weekend job.

I have started playing around with Scala 2.10 reflection and planning to use it in the Socko REST handler implementation.

I want to implement the REST handler in such a way that it supports Swagger API documentation.

I noticed that the way you document your Swagger data model object is via annotations. For example:

case class Pet(var id: Long = 0,
  var category: Category,
  var name: String,
  var photoUrls: List[String],
  var tags: List[Tag] = List[Tag](),
  @ApiProperty(value = "pet status in the store", allowableValues = "available,pending,sold") var status: String)

I am a stickler for consistency so I am thinking of using annotations for REST endpoint definitions too. Maybe something like:

  uriTemplate = "/pets",
  actorPath = "my/actor/path"
case class GetPetRequest()

Now, if we want to use annotations, then we will need to use reflection.

It has taken me a while to get up to speed with reflection and here are a couple of links illustrating what I’ve learnt so far.

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