package infrastructure

Utility classes and objects

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Type Members

  1. class LocalCache extends AnyRef

    Local in-memory cache based on Google's ConcurrentLinkedHashMap.

  2. trait Logger extends AnyRef

    Adds logging functionality to our classes.

  3. case class WebLogEvent(timestamp: Date, serverName: String, channelContextName: String, clientAddress: SocketAddress, serverAddress: SocketAddress, username: Option[String], method: String, uri: String, requestSize: Long, responseStatusCode: Int, responseSize: Long, timeTaken: Long, protocolVersion: String, userAgent: Option[String], referrer: Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

    A web log event to record

  4. class WebLogWriter extends Actor

    Default log writer that writes web log events to the AKKA logger.

Value Members

  1. object CharsetUtil

    A utility class that provides various constants related with character sets.

  2. object ConfigUtil

    A utility class for reading AKKA configuration

  3. object DateUtil

    Utility methods associated with dates

  4. object HashUtil

  5. object IOUtil

    Utility IO methods

  6. object MimeTypes

    MIME types lookup

  7. object ReflectUtil extends Logger

    Reflection utility functions

  8. object WebLogEvent extends Serializable

  9. object WebLogFormat extends Enumeration

    Web Server Activity Log setting

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